Can I bring my children?

If you are applying for a DTS or UofN Course your children are eligible to attend Foundation School. Arrangements for your child's school need to be finalized before any YWAM Kona school can finish processing your application. Details about the school are found at  Foundation School's webpage. Typically during the summer, there is no Foundation School offered. The Foundation school will accept children who are ages 4-17.

Children under the age of 4 will need a nanny, and parents are responsible to find an appropriate nanny for their children who are too young for Foundation School. You will see a section within your application to complete regarding your nanny, and your nanny will also have to fill in their own Nanny Application. 

How much does it cost to bring a nanny?

The cost of bringing a nanny with you depends on the country you are coming from. See the Category of Nations list here. If you are coming from an "A" country, the cost of bringing a nanny will be $2600. The cost for a nanny from a "B" country is $2100, and $1600 for nannies from "C" countries. These fees cover housing and food for the time that your nanny will be here in Kona.

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